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Quiz Show

Meet the Quiz Show!


Quiz Show is the name of the game. In a setting as stimulating as a TV program, your staff reinforces what they have learned fascinatingly!




It is effortless to use. You can easily create your question bank on various topics on InfinityLXP. Or, if you wish, we open an account for you for this purpose. For example, you can enter a set of 150 questions covering a specific training sequence or add them in bulk from Excel. You create your game immediately with options such as how many questions are asked from your question bank and what the difficulty levels are.

Then you immediately publish the game you created from the question sets to your employees. Only one e-mail is sent to employees, containing their username, password, a link to play the game, and an explanation message that you specify. They begin playing immediately with the given e-mail address and password.

You can create games with many different setups. For example, you can make wrongly answered questions pop up again. Or you can progress in the competition format by asking only once and eliminating accordingly. As usual, we can provide you with all kinds of statistical data on reporting. You can easily access usage summaries with graphical panels or detailed analyzes based on questions or users.

Moreover, “Quiz Show” is even more fun with multiple game formats. In this way, you will also avoid boredom over time. For example, after progressing a game in the “Know and Win” form, you can publish another game in the “Match Cards” format.

As flexible as ever, we value your ideas and suggestions. As we develop the technology, we can implement any customizations fast.
We also offer a general game-related question bank free of charge. Thus, you can distribute to your staff games with a mixture of broad culture and entertainment questions as well as corporate ones.

In an exciting environment such as information contests, entertain your employees while reinforcing what they have learned.

It can be played as a single person or a group. Multiple game formats can be selected. Topic, question, or person-based analysis can be performed.

Statistics of questions from which device access is provided and success rates can be reported. It can be accessed from IOS/ANDROID smart mobile phones and tablets. You can create as many games as you want and load the questions with excel.