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Meet Quiz Show!


We proudly introduce our new product, Quiz Show. We chose this name because with it, your employees can reinforce what they’ve learned in an environment as exciting as a TV game show!




It’s very easy to use. On InfinityLMS, you can easily create your question bank on various topics. Or, if you prefer, we can create an account just for this purpose. For example, you can enter a set of 150 questions that cover a specific training series, or you can add them in bulk from Excel. You can create your game right away with options such as how many questions to ask from your question bank and what the difficulty levels should be.

Then, you immediately publish the game you created from the question sets to your employees. They receive only one email; it includes their username, passwords, an explanatory message you determine, and a link to download the game. They start playing right away with the entered email address and password.

You can create games with various scenarios. For example, you can make sure that unknown questions come up for individuals again. Or, you can progress in the competition format by asking questions only once and eliminating participants. Whether for reinforcement or competition purposes, you can easily structure your games as you wish. As always, we can provide you with all kinds of statistical data for reporting. You can easily access usage summaries, detailed analyses by question or user, whether through graphical panels or in detail.

Moreover, “Quiz Show” is even more fun with multiple game formats. This way, you avoid getting boring over time. For example, after progressing through a game in the “Answer and Win” format, you can publish another game in the “Match the Cards” format.

Since the technology is ours, as always, we value your ideas and can adapt them quickly.

Now, your employees reinforce what they’ve learned in a fun environment, sometimes with a sweet competition.

We provide our customers with a free general question bank for games. This way, you can publish games to your employees with a mix of corporate questions, general knowledge, and entertainment questions.