Infinity ELearning

Artificial Intelligence Modules

In Turkey, the First AI-Embedded LMS

We have set a precedent in our country by strengthening InfinityLMS with OpenAI integration. Develop content more easily and quickly in LMS with our new AI-supported modules. Create and deliver personalized learning experiences for your users.

  • Unlimited Knowledge for ChatGPT
  • Educational command (prompt) libraries

Your InfinityLMS is now truly AI-supported! Work smarter and faster with our SmartLMS Modules!

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With SmartSupport, you can upload and train ChatGPT with your corporate information limitlessly. Employees can get instant support on all topics related to your organization through a smart ChatBot experience.



With SmartQuiz, InfinityLMS offers your exam questions instantly, tailored to your criteria! Upload your knowledge documents, define question criteria, and instantly get your questions with ready prompts, edit them, and add your questions to the system right away.



With SmartSurvey, InfinityLMS offers your surveys instantly with any purpose and questions you want! Determine your survey's purpose, get your questions instantly with ready prompts, edit them, and create your survey instantly.



Now, you can easily manage competency-based learning in your organization. Define competencies, levels, and pass criteria in your organization. Let competency assessment questions be generated automatically. After editing and reviewing, create assessments with a single click.



Develop content easily, compile it, create interactive scenarios, and add them to LMS right away by editing decision and feedback scenarios, behavior algorithms, and rankings. You can even summarize content automatically, translate it into languages, design open-ended assessments, and automatically evaluate assignments and create "Rubrics."



Present the content you have created to individuals with the techniques applied by a real trainer in face-to-face training. Personalize the learning experience for each user. Analyze learning resources by analyzing user data and behavior. And answer questions instantly using natural language processing algorithms.



Easily analyze your data with meaningful expressions. Analyze data easily using the ready-made data analysis command library we provide without knowing any formula or using analytical technical query commands. Easily analyze all data related to LMS usage.



Create AI-supported custom applications within LMS. Specify automations and reduce manual work. Transform your data into enjoyable, actionable interfaces that can be customized for different workflows and target audiences. Collect all the data you need in one place.



Access vast educational prompt libraries compiled for you when you become our customer. Quickly improve your educational AI usage skills with these libraries. Examine examples generated on ChatGPT. Start creating your educational designs much faster and easier.




Artificial intelligence provides significant advantages to businesses in various areas such as data analysis, personalized customer experiences, forecasting and planning, error reduction, process automation, competitive advantage, risk management, and cost savings in the corporate world. By optimizing data mining and analytical processes, better decisions can be made, customer satisfaction can be increased, and processes like demand forecasting and production planning can become more efficient. Automation and artificial intelligence can minimize human errors by automating repetitive tasks, allowing employees to focus on more strategic tasks. Artificial intelligence enables data-driven decision-making, rapid responses, and fosters innovation, while effective risk analysis leads to better financial and operational risk management. All of these benefits not only result in cost savings for businesses but also offer the opportunity to create smarter and more efficient business processes.