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Hızlı Eğitim

What Is Hızlı Eğitim?

Hızlı Eğitim is a learning catalog that provides you with up-to-date knowledge for professional life, anytime and anywhere. It is exclusively offered to individuals through corporate platforms positioned on InfinityLMS. This allows your employees to access our online training from their computer, tablet, or smartphone.

With over 30 years of experience, we deliver our online courses, expertly crafted by our specialists, perfectly suited for corporate use. Take a look right now:

We target professionals in the business world and those preparing for it. Currently, we offer over 1,200 e-learning content in more than 70 categories to over 300 corporate clients, continuously updated. The content is not translated; it is entirely prepared with consideration of local business knowledge and work culture specific to our country.

You can easily connect our continually expanding online training catalog, which totals more than 1,200, with your employees…


Assign the training to your employees as mandatory, set dates, and present them with the rules you've determined.



Enable your employees to create their own development plans.



We make the content specific to your organization, making the training more adaptable.



Use our catalogs as supporting components in your development programs.



Newly added training is recommended specifically to employees based on their interests.



Support rapid learning with memorable, short, concise, clear, and specially designed content.




Because we provide knowledge in a summarized form to the target audience. Accessing information often requires reading dozens of books, articles, or watching videos. However, there is a center that scans, compiles, summarizes, and keeps them up to date, and that’s Quick Training. You no longer need to read dozens of educational books on specific topics; you can save time in this regard. Use this time to read novels and biographies that will enhance your imagination. Believe me, it will be much more beneficial for you. Come and take a step towards development with Quick Training, which provides the essence of knowledge.



Online education (e-learning) is unquestionably one of the most significant trends of our time. It is much more cost-effective when considering the time and expenses typically spent on traditional courses. However, in some subject areas, it should be seen not as a direct alternative to courses but as a supplementary element that supports the information presented there. For instance, in today's world, there is often no need to take courses on certain topics.

Especially in the business world, time is of the essence. This is why, with Quick Training, you have the opportunity to watch the courses you want to take at home, on the go, at work, essentially anywhere you wish. You can easily revisit topics you didn't understand or want to recall. You can also test your knowledge and what you've learned with the questions provided within the training.

Quick Training is highly appealing to individuals with its instructive, entertaining, and interactive approach, constantly updating its content with current topics. With this feature, you won't be able to part ways with Quick Training! We particularly emphasize visual design. We pay attention to expressions to ensure that topics are easily comprehensible. We convey the content in an extremely effective manner with clear and simple explanations, along with elegant and impactful visual elements. Quick Training never allows content to become outdated, which is one of the most significant issues on such platforms. The catalog is continuously refreshed.

The individuals responsible for preparing our content are, in fact, education experts and instructors. However, there is a significant difference—they transform the courses into a format that can be accessed and taken on a computer. In traditional classroom settings, the instructor's time is structured, and participants are physically present, making it impossible to stray from the topic. But for those taking online courses in front of a computer, this can be challenging. With the distractions of social media and messaging, attention can easily wander. Therefore, our researchers, instructional designers, and editors take all these factors into account when designing the courses. Technically, our main tasks include research, summarizing current knowledge, delivering it with clear expressions, visual design, voiceovers, and creating interactions and scenarios. We ensure that all messages are concise and convey the necessary information effectively in a short amount of time.

Online education (e-learning) is unquestionably one of the most important trends of our time. When considering the time and costs spent on courses, it is much more economical. However, in some subject areas, it should not be seen as a direct alternative to courses but rather as a complementary element that supports the information presented there. For example, there is no longer a need to learn certain topics in courses in today's world.

Especially in the business world, time is crucial. Therefore, thanks to Quick Training, you have the chance to watch the courses you want to take at home, on the go, at work, basically anywhere you wish. You can easily revisit topics you didn't understand or want to remember. You can test your knowledge and what you've learned with the questions included in the training.

Within the training, there are exercises that you can actively participate in and even apply by playing games. This makes it easier for you to reinforce what you have learned. You will have fun and learn at the same time. Moreover, with the option to watch the training at your convenience, you can keep your knowledge up-to-date at all times.

Of course. Having e-certificates issued in your name at the end of each training is a significant advantage in your professional life. As you may be aware, certified courses can be quite expensive nowadays. The most important distinction of e-certificates is that they eliminate the high costs associated with traditional certification. Obtaining e-certificates after completing the training will make it easier for you to find employment. At the very least, you will present yourself as someone eager to learn in front of potential employers. Furthermore, as you continue to use Quick Training, you'll be amazed at how it contributes to your career development and growth.

Yes, you can watch the training on your mobile phone with minimum data usage thanks to our CDN services. Our CDN service automatically determines the video resolution based on the user's connection speed and delivers the content accordingly. This allows you to easily watch the training while consuming very little mobile data. For example, you can watch the training while on the go, during sports activities, or while cooking, and you can pause and resume it at any time as you wish.

In Hızlı Eğitim, you can access over 1,000 courses in more than 70 different categories, including Family and Children, Banking, Digital Marketing, Hobbies, Law, Relationships, English, Business Skills, Occupational Health and Safety, Personal Development, MS Office, Programming, Design, Basic Computer, Management, and Leadership, among others.

The trainings available in Quick Training are not exclusively designed for corporate employees. If you wish to take advantage of our services for your organization, simply let us know. Through our content, you can contribute to the development of your organization, its managers, and employees.