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Confidentiality Agreement and Copyrights

Confidentiality Agreement and Copyrights

All rights to the website belong to Rüzgar Yazılım Hizmetleri A.Ş. (INFINITY).

All software products and intellectual property such as text, articles, photographs, images, documents, audio, marks, and similar creative works found in the content of the website are protected by Copyright Laws in accordance with legal regulations.

None of these products may be used without the written permission of INFINITY. Copying, reproduction, alteration, unauthorized and unpermitted use, and distribution of these products for any purpose are prohibited by law.

Personal and Non-Commercial Use Limits

In reproductions for personal and non-commercial purposes, up to one copy, it is mandatory to indicate that INFINITY is the trademark or copyright holder.

2.1.2. Technical and Administrative Measures Taken to Prevent Unlawful Access to Personal Data

Our company takes technical and administrative measures, according to the nature of the data to be protected, technological possibilities, and application cost, to prevent the disclosure, access, transfer, or any other unlawful access to personal data due to negligence or unauthorized access.

(i) Technical Measures Taken to Prevent Unlawful Access to Personal Data

The main technical measures taken by our company to prevent unlawful access to personal data are listed below:

  • Technical measures in line with developments in technology are taken, and the measures taken are periodically updated and renewed.
  • Access and authorization technical solutions are put into operation in accordance with legal compliance requirements determined on a unit basis.
  • The technical measures taken are reported to the relevant authorities periodically within the framework of the internal audit mechanism, and areas posing risks are re-evaluated to produce the necessary technological solutions.
  • Software and hardware including virus protection systems and security firewalls are installed. Knowledgeable personnel are employed in technical matters.

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