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3D Interactive Simulations

The Way of Learning through Practice;
3D Interactive Simulations

The Way of Learning through Practice; 3D Interactive Simulations Especially in operation and maintenance training, traditional e-learning methods are often passive and do not allow individuals to “practice.” There is much to show and explain, but what needs to be done cannot be experienced. Users do not have the opportunity to perform procedures as they do during live training. While live sessions allow for this, it is an expensive method, difficult to plan, and not scalable.

With Infinity’s 3D Interactive Simulation solution, you can offer your target audience the advantage of practical training on virtual equipment that is replicated in form and function. This allows individuals to “learn by doing” anytime, anywhere. By making the content more visual, interactive, and portable, you can accelerate employee learning and reduce face-to-face training costs.



Virtual Experiences

With Infinity 3D Interactive Simulation, you can create virtual equipment. This allows your users to learn by practicing.


Active Learning

Through interactive simulations, your users can experience "learning by doing" anytime and anywhere.


Shareable Content

Your content becomes more visual, interactive, and portable. This speeds up the learning process and makes it cost-effective.



Practicing in a Virtual Environment

Integrated solutions with gamification!

Watch our video above to discover how a short example of our virtual maintenance, operator, and safety training solutions is applied with leading brands! In this video, Brisa dealers and employees learn the process of tire removal and replacement, which may seem simple but involves serious procedures when examined in detail, by experiencing it. Points are kept for the steps performed. They can improve their success status by experiencing these steps multiple times. You can even turn this into a gamification narrative with fun competitions.