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Interactive Video

Interactive Video

Interactive Video is an e-learning solution that allows you to create interactive and dynamic videos. Interactive videos respond in real-time to user choices directly within the video, engaging users and providing a unique e-learning experience.

Make your e-learning content interactive with Interactive Video. Involve users in the flow of videos and enhance the learning efficiency.


Key Features of Interactive Video

Interactive Video offers dynamic responses to user choices within videos, all within the InfinityLMS platform.

Smart Video Experience

Create interactive and smart videos with Interactive Video, offering a unique e-learning experience driven by user choices.


Video Segmentation

Create sections within your videos so users can easily navigate to the part they want to watch.



Identify objects within the video using the HotSpot feature, making scenes, elements, or areas interactive.


Interactive Quiz

Using the advanced visual editor, you can add interactive and image-based quizzes to your videos.


Responsive Design

Everything is fully compatible with mobile devices, ensuring this interactive e-learning experience can be accessed from any device and browser.


Integration with InfinityLMS

The Interactive Video module is seamlessly integrated with InfinityLMS, allowing you to present your interactive videos as an e-learning component.



Explore Our Example!!

Interactive Video

Adds interactivity to videos. You can explore our interactive video on coronavirus if you wish. We hope you find it helpful...