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Ergonomics at Work

The way to protect our health while working at a desk; animation-supported exercise reminder

The way to protect our health at the desk; animation-supported exercise reminders Most of our employees spend their time at work and in the office. We get lost in our work, and inactivity silently threatens our health.

The solution is Ergonomics Here. This solution is an excellent corporate Occupational Health and Safety application developed to remind individuals to exercise with animation support through web browsers. With this application, it is now possible to stay healthy at work.



Animated Exercises

Your users progress with animated desk exercises prepared by health professionals.


Active Learning

Thanks to interactive animated exercises, your users can experience "learning by doing" in reminder support.


Dynamic Content

You can create and publish content sets and daily reminder settings according to your user target audience.



Practical Exercise at the Desk

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Ergonomics comes to employees as a smart application for desktop or mobile phones.

During the day, it makes employees do small exercises designed by experts for their positions.

Allocate only 5-10 minutes a day to exercise videos prepared with expert recommendations, and perform the movements shown with Ergonomics.

Keep your metabolism alive, and pay attention to the nutrition and water intake recommendations offered during the day.

Platform Management Features

User Operations, Membership, and Authorization Movement Broadcasting and Management Usage Statistics and Monitoring