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CD-Rom Data

Our story started with our first project, in which we achieved great success by publishing Turkey’s first paperless magazine, CD-Rom Data, in 1992

We successfully published it for ten years with a team of passionate experts. We rejected the offers of media giants, who wanted to buy us.

We started the era of CD publishing and popularized educational CDs. We produced Turkey’s first PC game, “Galata.” We also released Turkey’s first interactive education CD, “Learning Office 97”.

We struggled a lot with software piracy for years, but we didn’t give up and started selling more than 2 million training CDs per year with different business models. We used channels like distributors and pharmaceutical companies. There is no doctor left that our training CDs have not reached. Back then, it was the promotion era of pharmaceuticals.



Infinity Technology

As internet infrastructure got faster and cheaper, the CD-DVD era started to come to an end.

We got out of publishing and focused on the corporate e-learning business. We adopted the projects we did on training CDs to the internet.

We were used to being creative, niche, and unique.

We developed e-learning content in a creative, playful, and entertaining way with an advertising agency approach.

We created new concepts and redefined the standards. Our company became number 1, with 120 employees.

When the notion of marketing and education are combined, perfect things happen.

Our viral presentations “Thirst” and “Stress” reached millions of people and were used in related seminars. We won awards in the Anatolian Brands service category from Capital and Economist magazines.

Due to several economic crises, we downsized the company, which made it more efficient. Fortunately, we were financially solid. We survived the blows and found methods to do things that add value with a minor team. We transformed from a large-scale 120-employee structure to an efficient small Technopark company of 40 people.