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E-Learning Catalog

E-Learning Catalog is a rich course library that provides you with up-to-date information you need in your professional and personal life. Use award-winning courses written and reviewed regularly by leading experts to ensure accuracy, dependability, and relevance. Check it out now:

More than 1200 e-learning courses in 70 categories, which we currently offer to more than 300 corporate customers, are constantly updated.

Rich design, a range of learning formats, and user-friendly navigation are utilized to keep learners in a learning mindset.


Assign required training to your staff on a defined timetable and set of regulations.



Authorize your employees to create their training development plans.



Customize courses content to meet your organization’s needs.



Use our catalogs as a supporting component in your development programs.



Recommend Netflix wise newly added courses based on employees previous interests.



Support learning with designs that are catchy, concise, clear, and unique.






Previously, you had to read dozens of books and articles or watch videos to access information. However, Infinity scans and compiles them, summarizes them, publishes them, and keeps them up to date in the E-Learning Catalog. To improve your learning and development initiatives and programs, we select the best eLearning courses for you and align them with your essential skillsets.



Online education (e-learning) is inarguably one of the most important trends of our time. Considering the loss of time and fees spent on classroom training, it is much more cost-effective. However, in some specific areas, it should not be seen as a natural alternative to the hands-on courses but as an element that supports it.

Especially in today's business life, time is a significant issue. Thanks to E-Learning, you have the opportunity to watch the courses at home, on the road, at work, in short, wherever it is convenient. If you need, you can easily repeat the topics that you do not understand or want to remember. You can measure your knowledge and what you have learned through the questions in the course.

Our E-Learning Catalog attracts learners' attention with its educational, entertaining, and active participation courses, which are always up-to-date content-wise. We especially give great importance to visual design. We pay close attention to expressions so that you may simply understand the topics. We deliver the subject effectively by using clear and straightforward explanations and stylish and compelling visuals. One of the most severe issues with such ready-made catalogs is content aging, which is never the case for our E-Learning Catalog. The catalog is continually being updated.
The team who prepares our content is a group of education experts and trainers. They only differ in one fundamental way: they transform the course into a specific one that can be transferred online. There is no place for demotivation in classroom training because of the flexible time and interaction with the attendees. However, this situation is challenging for people trained in front of a screen. Texting and social media can easily detract attention. Our researchers, learning designers, and editors create custom pieces of training considering all these elements. Technically, our primary business is research, synthesizing current information, making it instructive with explicit expressions, visual design, vocalization, interactivity, and editing. Every message is clarified. We transfer the relevant information quickly and effectively.

If there is no change in the behavior of learners, it means that the learning process has not been successful. One of our basic rules while designing is; "It is either causing behavior change or a waste of time. However, it may take time to change behavior even when the learning process is successful, helpful, and engaging. To change behaviors, we should provide learners with various opportunities to apply their new knowledge and skills in everyday life. In other words, you must build learning environments that allow people to practice. This will improve retention and performance on the job. Adult professionals may see how fresh ideas can function by bringing knowledge to life in risk-free contexts.

In summary, designing courses for adults is not like preparing a program for university or high school students. They have different needs and different thinking structures. Knowing the above concepts about how adults learn can make e-learning more successful.

Today, we observe an increase in customers who tend to produce e-learning courses themselves. Now, institutions are starting to do so due to budget restrictions most frequently and sometimes because they cannot find a solution partner meeting their expectations. However, considering the principles mentioned, how healthy would it be to prepare such courses in a busy work environment?

The courses include activities you can actively participate in and practice through games. As a result, what you have learned is streamlined so that you can more easily retain the information. Moreover, you can watch the training whenever it is convenient, ensuring that your knowledge is constantly up-to-date.
Indeed, having e-certificates with a certificate number issued in your name at the end of each course or program gives you an essential privilege in your business life. As it is known today, certified training are pretty expensive but also a valuable must for a perfect CV.

You can watch the training on your mobile phone with the help of CDN services with minimum data consumption. Our CDN service automatically identifies the optimal resolution for the user's connection speed and displays the video accordingly. This allows you to monitor your mobile content simply while consuming minimal resources. For instance, you can view your training while driving, during sports, or cooking.

You can access more than 1000 courses in more than 70 categories such as; Family and Children, Banking, Digital Marketing, Hobby, Law, Relationships, English, Business Skills, Occupational Health and Safety, Personal Development, MS Office, Programming, Design, Basic Computer, Management, and Leadership.

First of all, we would like to thank you for visiting our website, which offers quality solutions in learning technologies and software. We are proud of completing our 30th anniversary, fully aware that our customers shed light on our path during all those years. We would be happy to hear about your LMS and e-learning projects, your needs, and how we could be of assistance in reaching your goals. We are just an e-mail away.